The panel of judges of this years event consists of seasoned investors, academics, marketeers, entrepreneurs with an extensive track record in finance and/ or technology. Get listed here. These experts are more than happy to assist FinTech companies in growing their business. To suggest additional experts for 2017 please contact Niek van Geffen by email

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Richard Brown

Richard Brown (UK) is Partner at Santander InnoVentures, which is Banco Santander's global $100Mn FinTech fund. They provide equity financing to FinTech startup companies in relevant areas to the bank. Interests include digital delivery of financial services, e-commerce and payments, online lending, e-financial investments, big data analytics.

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Jonathan Webster

Jonathan Webster (UK) Chief Information Officer, Digital & Information at Lloyds Banking Group. He believes that digitization is central to becoming the best bank for its customers. Prior to his current job Jonathan was Chief Operating Officer, Group Digital and Partner at KPMG.

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Ivar Wiersma

Ivar is Head of Innovation Wholesale Banking at ING. Their aim is to originate, facilitate, stimulate and connect innovative ideas and projects across the ING global network. ING already works with 60 FinTechs.

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Jurgen Ingels

Jurgen Ingels (Belgium) co-founder of Smartfin Capital and Clear2Pay, NGData and Volt Ventures. SmartFin Capital is a growth stage Private Equity Fund that provides capital to private growth companies with focus on FinTech.

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Harrie Vollaard

Harrie Vollaard is head of Innovation at Rabobank in the Netherlands. His team has a record of initiating major changes in the bank e.g. new ways of working, collaboration with the FinTech industry, open banking and big data.

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Michael Mellinghoff

Michael Mellinghoff (Germany) is a Managing Director at TechFluence, and a senior advisor and mentor at FinTech Forum. He is a seasoned investment professional with over 15 years of experience, spanning both the traditional banking and FinTech world. Since 2010 Michael has been working in the (German) FinTech space.

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Duncan de Vries

Duncan is Head of the Innovation lab at te NIBC. He started at NIBC in 2004 and before his promotion to head of the innovation lab he was Portfolio manager of corporate credits.

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Reinier Musters

Reinier Musters (Netherlands) is partner in Orange Growth Capital (OGC), a venture capital firm passionate about helping FinTech companies. OGC has 8 professionals and 25 industry advisers that operate from London and Amsterdam.

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Johan Biesjot

Johan us co-founder at Milestone, a Fin-Tech investment fund. During my academic career I became involved in peer-to-peer finance related investment strategies. This resulted in the establishment of Milestone P2P Fund, the first Pan-European investment fund for Marketplace Lending assets.

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Edward Schiettecatte

Edward Schiettecatte (Belgium) is a co-founder of SmartFin Capital. SmartFin Capital is a growth stage Private Equity Fund that provides expansion and replacement capital to private growth companies in Smart Technologies with a special focus on FinTech.

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Edwin Hengstmengel

Edwin joined Endeit Capital early 2008 and became Partner in 2015. He is responsible for deals in the Benelux and other territories, excluding Germany. Prior to joining Endeit, Edwin was Investment Manager at Cyrte Investments, focusing on public and private investments.

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Allard Luchsinger

Allard Luchsinger leads Velocity Capital, a 60 million euro venture capital firm that focuses on FinTech. Allard has invested in Asia, Europe, the US, and Africa. Cellulant in Kenya is one of Velocity's successful investments.

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Menno van Leeuwen

Menno is the manager of the Innovation Centre of ABN Amro. Besides, he is also responsible for scouting and selecting fintech startups who match with ABN AMRO for collaboration and have an investment need.

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Nick Bortot

Nick is CEO of GetBux. He was one of the driving forces behind the success of BinckBank, but with BUX, he’s gladly swapped the luxury of the boardroom for hands-on entrepreneurship.

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Lior Bornshtain

Lior is CEO of Otly. Otly! provides kids their own Junior Banking Experience designed specifically for their needs. Before that, he was CTO of the Moneyer for several years.

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Bastiaan Walenkamp

Bastiaan is responsible for accelerating innovation as head of Innovation at SNS retail Bank. His team focuses on exploring new business models (mostly data-driven) using agile methodologies (lean startup, design thinking, etc)

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Alexander Ribbink

Alexander brings over 20 years in international marketing, sales and general management and venture experience. Alexander was most recently general partner at Prime Ventures where he invested in, and served as board member to: Cint, Greetz, Layar,

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Robert Witteveen

Robert is active as Strategy & Innovation manager at Vivat. It is his goal to innovate the world of Insurance. He is founder and inspirator of the Vivat Business Model Canvas Competence Centre and the Vivat Innovation Network.

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Sven Duyx

Sven is the manager of LEAF Lab (the innovating team) at Triodos Bank. He is an enthusiast initiator, builder, go-getter with approx. 20 years of experience in the banking sector and 3 years in NGO's. Passionate and continuously focused on sustainability, innovation, customer value and (team) result.

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Rob Scholte

Rob is Innovation Manager at Aegon NL. With over 17 years of experience at Aegon, he is currently responsible for finding the right partnerships to excellerate Aegon's strategy.

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Reinier Pollmann

Reinier is Programme Manager Innovation & FinTech at the AFM (Autoriteit Financiële Markten). He is currently responsible for development of FinTech and regulation and has over 13 years of experience in the Financial Services sector.

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Quintin Schevernels

Quintin is the owner of QSentie, which is an angel investor for start-ups. He help start-ups, scale-ups and corporates. This ranges from coaching, consultancy projects, facilitating strategic sessions and supervisory & advisory board roles.

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Ronald Kleverlaan

Ronald Kleverlaan is Crowdfunding Strategist, international key-note speaker and a strong believer in crowdfunding. Clients include local and national governments, NGOs, the European Commission, banks, accountancy firms, VC and Angel networks, universities and some of the most successful crowdfunding platforms in Europe

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Jouk Pleiter

Jouk Pleiter is founder and CEO of Backbase, which won the European FinTech Award for best Innovative Banking Software in 2016. He has more than 10 years leadership experience in the web content management and web application development industries.

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Josh Bell

Josh Bell (UK) is Partner at Dawn Capital and the firm's leading financial services expert in Europe. He has in extensive experience working with clients in private equity, corporate finance and retail strategy.

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Kyang Yung

He has 9 years of experience in technology investing, across payments, fintech, enterprise software and manufacturing technology. Prior to INKEF, Kyang was responsible for M&A at Naspers’ fintech segment, which brought him to developing economies in 4 continents.

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David Dab

David Dab (Belgium) is Chief Innovation Officer ING Belgium and strongly affiliated with the FinTech Village, the first FinTech specific accelerator of Belgium. He has extensive experience in financial services and innovation combined with broad experience in FinTech.

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Arno Voerman

Arno is a financial services and markets lawyer in Amsterdam. He has a special focus on Payments and FinTech (payments, cards, consumer credit, e-money, lending etc). He advises Dutch and foreign FinTech companies and investors on various regulatory and commercial matters.

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Mladen Sancanin

Mladen is the manager of the Innovation Lab at SNS Bank. He has already over 15 years experience in the Financial Services industry, focusing on innovation and digitisation.

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Wim van der Beek

Wim van der Beek is managing partner of Goodwell Investments, a VC/PE firm focused on financial inclusion, fintech and inclusive growth active in Africa and India. He is currently based in SA to build the local Goodwell member firm.

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Robert der Kinderen

Robert der Kinderen is active at AcceptEmail as Chief Commerical Officer since 2011. Before that, he was a director at IMNederland and was active in management roles at companies such as Credit Yard and Graydon.

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Alexis Thieriet

Alexis Thieriet is the Managing Partner of NovitasFTCL, a leading London- and Amsterdam-based corporate finance boutique exclusively advising clients in the European financial technology sector. He has advised on more than 100 M&A and capital raising transactions over the past 20 years.

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David Versteeg

David is Director Digital and Innovation at Van Lanschot. He leads the Digital XL program, a multi-year digital transformation program to enhance the private banking client experience through an omnichannel servicing model.

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Jeroen Bartelse

Jeroen is Innovation manager at Achmea. Jeroen is involved in the Interpolis side of this transformation by defining and developing the resulting new service propositions like the Interpolis "CyberPreventieDienst" to help customers with risks that insurance does not cover.

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Arnoud Doornbos

Arnoud combines 25 years of experience as Investment Banker with entrepreneurship in the Financial Markets. With an extensive knowledge of financial market products together with a large relationship network in the financial market community, Arnoud invests in FinTech companies.

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Patrick Lemmens

Patrick Lemmens is senior portefeuillemanager at Robeco New World Financials Equities since Oktober 2008. Started in 1993 at ABN AMRO. From 1994 buy-side analyst for Global Financials. From October 2003 till December 31st 2007 portfolio manager Global Financials managing the ABN AMRO Financials Fund.

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Tony de Bree

Tony de Bree combines 26 years of experience in international Financial Services in different in roles including bold online business development and evaluating .com companies. Tony has 14 years of experience as online entrepreneur.

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Thomas de With

Thomas is an entrepreneur with focus on fintech to foster innovation in our financial eco-system. He spent over 20 years with Deutsche Bank, demonstrated leadership on executive level, and gained investment banking experience based on an entrepreneurial spirit evidenced by a solid track record.

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Jan-Maarten Mulder

Jan-Maarten is an investor in early stage FinTech, RegTech & Data companies and in his blogs has mapped out many of the companies in the emerging RegTech space.

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Jochem Davids

Jochem is co-founder of InsurTech Holland. They provide an independent hub that pulls together startups, financial services and investors. He is also director claims management at CED Europe where he is responsible for the implementation of a new product in Claims Management.

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Floris van Alkemade

Floris has 19 years of experience in investing. He invested in 60+ seed and early stage IT and telecoms companies in Western Europe and the US. He is also a co-founder and manager of 3 VC funds with EUR 320M committed capital.

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