Binck Bank

Ik beleg zelf het best. bij Binck.

BinckBank N.V. is an ambitious, productive and decisive company that is not afraid of new initiatives. 
Our corporate culture can be described as commercial, devoted, firm, daring and sober.

BinckBank N.V. is one of the most successful young players in the Dutch financial landscape. We focus on services for online private and professional investors.

"BinckBank wants to help people achieve their financial ambitions."

For this, people look for a reliable partner who provides the resources to retain and further improve their wealth position. In addition to offering financial services and products, BinckBank’s role here is to act as a ‘navigator’ for externally developed products. Our ambition is to assist our customers in achieving financial independence.

The Europan investor deserves better. Better understanding, better knowledge, better information, better service. And at a low cost. We are therefore highly committed and we push the boundaries where necessary. We want to amaze our customers so that they become our ambassadors, and so we make every effort to identify and meet their needs. A high level of customer satisfaction is a determining factor for our success.

Name CEO: Vincent Germyns
Company founded in: 2000
Country: Netherlands
Twitter: @BinckBank
Category: Incumbent Banks


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21 April 2017 - Rabobank Utrecht


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