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Cloud 9 Group, founded in 2009, has offices in Amsterdam and Florida, USA. We’re a ‘technology based financer’. This means our biggest ‘USP’ in financing companies is the professional Credit Management software which supports these programs. We specialize in B2B trade receivables securitizations, a form of financing in which a company sells its invoices to a bank or alternative financer. We do this for two types of companies:

For large corporates we have automated the selection of the right securitization financer out of a large funder panel. All we need is the debtor master file and the open invoices report to create an ideal match. In addition, we’ve found ways to significantly decrease the legal costs at the start of a program. During the live phase, we support both the financer and the corporate by delivering reporting and professional, user-friendly Credit Management software.

For the SME market we’re a ‘one-stop-financing-shop’, meaning we not only deliver the necessary software to make a securitization happen, but also purchase the invoices ourselves, using the most competitive all-in rates in the Dutch market. We do this under the brand name ‘Togather’, a joint effort between Cloud 9 Group and our English partner Channel Capital Advisors LLC. In short: anything we can get insured, we buy. Globally and cross-border. Last but not least, this financing product reduces the risk of non-payment to a minimum.

Name CEO: Maurice Corver
Company founded in: 2009
Country: Netherlands
Twitter: @makepayingeasy
Category: Innovative Banking


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21 April 2017 - Rabobank Utrecht


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