CMIS Group

Easy access to the Dutch Mortgage and Consumer Loan Market

Credit Management & Investor Solutions B.V. (CMIS Group) offers solutions for managing and servicing multi-asset classes such as: Residential Mortgages, Consumer Loans, Commercial Real Estate Loans and Commercial Real Estate. 

CMIS Group was first established under the name CMIS Nederland in 2010 (it was previously known under the names GMAC RFC / GMAC Hypotheken). In 2012 CMIS Group launched Adaxio which offers servicing solutions from origination and underwriting to master servicing; it was then followed by the takeover of Welke Beheer (2013) and De Hypotheekshop (2013) which together have established the biggest distribution network for independent financial advisors in the Netherlands.

Being around in the Dutch market for almost two decades, CMIS Group has a proven record in the financial services industry supporting the annual origination of approximately € 1 billion of new mortgages and servicing more than € 7 billion of European assets.  


Name CEO: Sean Daly
Company founded in: 2001
Country: Netherlands
Category: Lending, Financing & Investing


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21 April 2017 - Rabobank Utrecht


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